How to prepare your file for printing


Convert your project to CMYK color and save as TIFF with LZW compression, PDF or JPG


Provide us with high-resolution digital files. For best results, make sure the resolution is at least 100dpi at 100% size or equivalent (200dpi at 50% or 400dpi at 25%).


Convert all the fonts and strokes to outline. Create crop marks to ensure accurate cutting.


For logos, create a vector file and save as PDF.


Provide at least 1/2 inch bleed area around layouts. Text and important images such as logos should be at least 1/4 to 1 inch away from edges of design. For vinyl banners, allow a 1.5 inch margin due to grommets and trimming.


For solid colors, specify Pantone numbers for best match (up to 85% match to true color).


Ensure all files include their appropriate extensions.


Provide a hardcopy layout for accurate proofing and placement verification.


Submit your files click Upload Here


We also accept CDs, DVDs and USB drives for Windows and Mac computers.